Marketing Communication

Module Title: Marketing Communication

Assessment Title: Integrated Marketing Campaign Report

Instructions To Students For Submission Of This Coursework

Task Details:

Using a suitable* organisation/event that you may have discussed and worked on in the seminar activities, you will submit a report that addresses the following:

  • A well-structured document that proposes a multi-platform, integrated marketing campaign (IMC) for your organisation/event.
  • Demonstrate your comprehension of applicability, viability and cohesion for the various methods
  • Identification and explanation of the connections to the target consumer(s)
  • Transparency and connection to objectives throughout; with demonstration of ROI as
  • Clarification and justification of timelines and

*You should choose a real-life small company that is indicative of your course/sector that you believe would benefit from a targeted marketing campaign; i.e. new product or service / new location or premises / new audience or brand extension…

You submit your report electronically via Blackboard and it should be 2000 words (+/- 10%) inc. Harvard Referencing

Particular instructions to students:

Task #2 of the module is designed to allow students to develop understanding and knowledge of the opportunities available across marketing via the lectures, seminars and directed reading with regular formative feedback in the sessions. Seminar activities provided students with the opportunity to gather information, research, share ideas and receive constructive advice regarding their progress. Students must ensure that they complete the required reading as this will provide essential background information that will directly benefit the task #2 report. Slides from the sessions are available on Bb.

Submission requirements

The report should be submitted electronically via Blackboard – 18th July 2019 – 3:30pm – via Blackboard

Study Skills Support

If you require support with this submission please contact the module leader ([email protected]) or your seminar tutor direct.

Feedback and Feed-forward Strategy and how students can access their Feedback

Students will get a detailed Feedback form that explains why they received their grade they did and will also highlight key strengths of the assessed presentation and report, indicating areas of improvement. Your feedback will be available via Blackboard with your grade later in the summer, before you return for next year.

They have also given me sample questions

Marketing Communications Assignment Task Brief 1 with Case Study Report

Assessment Criteria – Task 2 – Refer / Defer – Summer 2019

Module Title:Marketing CommunicationLevel4
Assessment Title:Integrated Marketing Campaign ReportWeighted:50%
Criteria & Weighting80 – 100% Outstanding Work70 – 79% Excellent Work60 – 69% Good Quality Work50 – 59% Acceptable Work with some good aspects40 – 49% Satisfactory Work0- 39% Work does not satisfy assessment criteria
Research andExtensive selection ofEvidence of extensive &Evidence of wide &Evidence of appropriateSome evidence ofLittle evidence of
referencing –contemporary and/ orappropriate research. Highappropriate research.research. Some high qualityappropriate research. Fewappropriate research.
Including theseminal academic papersquality academic andGenerally high qualityacademic and industryhigh quality academic andBelow standard or no
use ofand industry sources sortedindustry sources used,academic and industrysources used.industry sources used.reference list present.
comparableand aggregated for logicalsorted and aggregated forsources used.Real world examples used
case studiesconnections.logical connections.Real world examples usedwith some relevance.
(20%)Well chosen, comparableWell chosen, comparablewith relevance.
real world examples usedreal world examples used
with excellent relevance.with relevance.
A well-Outstanding integrationVery good integrationGood integration betweenSome integration betweenMinimal integrationInsufficient integration
presentedbetween the variousbetween the variousthe various marketingthe various marketingbetween the variousbetween the various
document for amarketing methodsmarketing methodsmethods selected. Ideasmethods methodsmarketing methods
multi-platform,selected. Creativeselected. Ideas presented inpresented mainly in aOccasional ideas presentedselected. Ideas rarelyselected. Ideas not
integratedproposals, clarified fora logical, professional andlogical, professional andlogically, some professionalpresented in a logical,presented in a logical,
marketingapplicability & viability.understandable sequence.understandable sequence.attributes in a consideredprofessional orprofessional or
campaign (IMC).Ideas presented in a logical,Creative proposals, clarifiedWell considered proposals,sequence.understandable sequence.understandable sequence.
Demonstratingprofessional andfor applicability & viability.mainly clarified forProposals demonstrateMinor consideration forProposals lacked creativity,
comprehension,understandable sequence.Accurate & well utilisedapplicability & viability.some clarification forcreative proposals,or clarification for
viability andAccurate & well utilisedacademic and industry data.Accurate & well utilisedapplicability & viability.application or viability.applicability & viability. Lack
cohesionacademic and industry data.academic and industry data.Some accurate academicDebateable accuracy &of supporting academic or
(25%)and industry data;weakly utilised academicindustry data, poorly
presented ok.and/or industry data.presented.
TransparencyThe proposal refers to andThe proposal consistentlyThe proposal regularlyThe proposal occasionallyThe proposal at times refersThe proposal lacks
and connectionconsiders the objectivesrefers to and considers therefers to and considers therefers to and considers theto and considers thereference or consideration
to objectivesthroughout demonstratingobjectives demonstratingobjectives demonstratingobjectives demonstratingobjectives demonstratingto the objectives; little or no
throughoutexcellent transparency andvery good transparency andgood transparency andsome transparency andsome transparency andtransparency and
(20%)understanding throughout.understanding.understanding.understanding.understanding.understanding.
ROI is fully justified andROI is justified and clarifiedROI is mainly justified andROI is sometimes justifiedROI is minimally or notROI is minimally or not
clarified with supportingwith supporting data, inclarified with supportingand clarified with somejustified / clarified withjustified / clarified with
data, in connection to theconnection to thedata, in connection to thesupporting data, inoccasional supporting data,insufficient data, in
objectives.objectives.objectives.connection to thein connection to theconnection to the
Outstanding appreciation ofVery good appreciation ofGood appreciation of theSome appreciation of theOccasional appreciation ofPoor appreciation of the
Identificationthe target audiencethe target audiencetarget audiencetarget audiencethe target audiencetarget audience
and explanationrequirements.requirements.requirements.requirements.requirements.requirements.
of theOutstanding clarification ofVery good clarification ofGood clarification ofOccasional clarification ofMinimal clarification ofMinimal or no clarification
connections toconsumer/s and theirconsumer/s and theirconsumer/s and theirconsumer/s and theirconsumer/s and theirof consumer/s and their
the targetcharacteristics.characteristics.characteristics.characteristics.characteristics.characteristics.
consumersClearly and thoroughlyClearly related to the IMCConsistently well related toAt times, well related toInconsistently related toInsufficiently related to IMC
(20%)related to the IMCproposed and wellIMC proposed andIMC proposed and/orIMC proposed and/orproposed and/or supported
proposed and definitivelysupported by relevantsupported by relevantoccasionally supported bysupported by relevantby relevant theory /
supported by relevanttheory / evidence.theory / evidence.relevant theory / evidence.theory / evidence.evidence.
theory / evidence.
The clarification andThe clarification andThe clarification andThe clarification andMinimal clarification andInsufficient clarification and
Clarification andjustification of the timelinejustification of the timelinejustification of the timelinejustification of the timelinejustification of the timelinejustification of the timeline
justification ofproposed clearlyproposed clearlyproposed well andproposed occasionallyproposed, lackingproposed, lacking
timelines anddemonstrates industrydemonstrates somedemonstrates occasionaldemonstrates industrydemonstration of industrydemonstration of industry
costings;ready knowledge. Timelinesindustry ready knowledge.industry ready knowledge.ready knowledge. Timelinesknowledge. Timelinesknowledge. Timelines lack
with a clearare well justified andTimelines are justified andTimelines are mainlysuggest justification andsuggest consideration toconsideration to the target
demonstrationapplicable to both theapplicable to both thejustified and applicable toapplication to the targetthe target audience and/oraudience and/or IMC
of ROItarget audience and IMCtarget audience and IMCboth the target audienceaudience and/or IMCIMC proposed.proposed.
(15%)proposed.proposed.and IMC proposed.proposed.Costings are weaklyCostings are missing or
All costings are explainedCostings are explained andCostings are explained andCostings are suggested butjustified/clarified or lackinglacking
and justified with clarityjustified with clarity andjustified mainly with claritylacking justification/claritydata in relevance to the IMCjustification/clarification/
and data in cohesion withdata in cohesion with theand data in cohesion withor data in relevance to theand client in relevance to the IMC
the relevant IMC and clientrelevant IMC and clientthe relevant IMC and clientIMC and clientand client requirements.

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