market structure of any South African firm

Writean essay on the market structure of any South African firm. In your essay, make sure toidentify anddiscuss which features/criteria of the firm aligns with the chosen market structure.



  • When you write an academic essay, you should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. In academic writing, nothing should come as a surprise to the reader – the whole “story” should be outlined in the introduction, given detail in the body, and summarised in the conclusion, along with the writer’s final comments/judgement.
  • At least one of each of the below media need to be used to collect your sources:
  • ProQuest /EbscoHost/RefWorks
  • A specialist magazine (e.g., The Economist)
  • a newspaper
  • a website

Language skills (Punctuation, spelling, grammar)


Format, Referencing &Bibliography