Mandatory Format of case study response

Mandatory Format of case study response:

Please note the following mandatory formatting requirements for all case studies:

  • Your response must be a minimum of 11 pages in length, but must not exceed 22 pages (including references), as follows:
  • Question 1: not less than three pages, and not exceeding six pages in length
  • Question 2: not less than six pages, and not exceeding 12 pages in length
  • Question 3: not less than two pages, and not exceeding four pages in length
  • You must use one of the following fonts:
  • Calibri
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Font size must be either 11 or 12 and line spacing and margins must be the default for Windows
  • Do not increase or decrease font size and margins (or forego paragraph and heading breaks) to meet the minimum or maximum page length  
  • Page numbers must be used
  • Do not use different colour fonts – black only.

Please note that the AACP will not accept case studies that have been developed using any proprietary software. 

If you do not meet the minimum page numbers, or you exceed the maximum number of pages, your case study will be returned to you for either additional information or to reduce the information submitted.

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