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Centennial College | The Business School Ethics and Stakeholder Management (MGMT 703)
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Ethics Report #3
<Your Company’s> Legitimacy, Legitimation, and Risk
We covered some core themes in Week 4 and 5, among them were the concepts of Legitimacy
and Legitimation, and the discussion of Risk, Issues and Crisis management. Explore the website
and avilable resources of YOUR company to familiarize yourself with, its public activities intended
to improve its relationship with society.
For YOUR company, address these 4 points:
a) From news reports, identify one incident or activity where your company has failed
publicly, in a consequential manner, in the past 10 years.
b) What are the clear examples of Legitimation that the company is pursuing, and how do
they support its CSR goals (you may focus on the entire Pyramid of Corporate Social
c) Is there a set of broader Business standards that guide industry conduct? How did your
company perform against them?
d) Look at the company today, and offer a critical assessment of its vulnerabilities (all
categories of risks), in light of competitive and market trends. Focus on Ethics!
Please do not tell me that you are unable to find answers to the questions above. I have proven
to students over and over that I could do so when they said they could not. I stopped doing that.
• Remember I want analysis, not repetition of theory; apply the concepts we discussed.
• Required report length is 600 +/- 50 words, ~1-2/3 double-spaced, 11 or 12 font.
• The report must be written and referenced formatted in APA Style.
• See Week 1 document for Citations, References, and Originality standards.
• Please include a cover page with the subject, course, your name and student number,
instructor’s name and school name, properly laid out. (per sample in Report 31 guide)
• Submit your report into the eCentennial Ethics Report #3 drop-box.
• Deadline: Sunday. Nov 10
• All entries received after 11:30—PER THE ECENTENNIAL CLOCK—will be penalized for lateness.
• See rubric (as graphics) in Week 8 Contents > Ethics Report #3 sub-folder.

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