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Logistics & Supply Chain Management



Academic Year: 2021 – 2022

Six Sigma Elective Group Assessment


Subject: Conclusion to the CAT case study

The assessment for the Six Sigma elective is based on the CAT case study used in the course. You are required to undertake the following tasks:





  • From the case material, summarise the causes and effects of the primary problems in CAT. Be clear about which issues are causing which effects and use appropriate tools to support your case.

(30% of marks)



  • Write a project plan for Improve & Control of the primary This should include:





(30% of marks)



  • Discuss the ‘secondary’ e. less critical issues in CAT and suggest how/when these


(15% of marks)








  • Reflect on two potential benefits and three challenges regarding the implementation of Six Sigma to achieve operational excellence in the Service Sector. Support your arguments by relevant examples with references from the literature/industry.

(25% of marks)




  • Your report should not exceed 2,000 words (± 10%) in length (including: a

brief introduction, tables, figures and appendices; but excluding title page, table of contents and reference list).

  • Each task should be allocated an appropriate number of words, in accordance with the above marking


  • Your work should demonstrate originality and not rely solely on the class discussion of the
  • Use relevant references to support your arguments
  • A maximum of 10 references and no less than 2 are required in
  • Apply spell-check and proof read your document before




Hand in Date

  • June 28th 22