Literature Review

Literature Review In this assessment task students are instructed to conduct a review of the literature using a systematic approach. There will be three sections to this assessment task, creation of a flow chart that represents how the literature search was conducted including the inclusion / exclusion criteria, the final selected papers represented in a table format highlighting the following aspects; author/year/country, methodology, participants, key findings, and a detailed description of the key findings of the selected papers. Word limit is 2000 words.

 Purpose:  To develop and demonstrate skills related to reviewing nursing literature using a systematic approach.

Description:  Students will be instructed to choose a research topic of interest and conduct a review of the literature. Students are required to complete a written piece of work with the following headings: Search strategy, Table 1 Flow chart of literature search, Table 2 Selected literature Summary, Key findings, Reference list (refer to Moodle for a description of each section of this assessment task).

Marking Criteria:  Refer to Appendix I for specific details required for successful completion of task. Weighting:  50% Time Allocation: Approximately 10 hours Submission:  Electronically as a WORD document submitted onto the Moodle Link by Friday 13th September 2019 by 23:59 hrs  

Assessor: This task will be assessed by course academics and external examiners. Feedback/Mark:  Summative feedback and mark via Moodle no later than 4 weeks from the submission date.

MY TOPIC is  Do the elderly diagnosed with dementia experience pain?

Choose one topic from your list of topics and then using the PICO technique ask yourself the following questions 

1. What is the population that this relates too? 

2. What is the intervention? 

3. What is the comparison or the thing that I want to ask of the research? 

4. What is the outcome measure (for example implementation of a particular practice / education provided)

Once you have answered those questions related to your topic write a statement in line with the PICO research question format

Example: In patients with type I diabetes what is the effect of non-compliance of taking insulin with maintaining normal blood sugar levels 

P = Type I diabetic patients 

I= Administration of  / injecting insulin 

C = compliance compared to non-compliance

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