learning a variety of skills and knowledge

Learning Intentions
You will be learning a variety of skills and knowledge so that you can create simple hand coded websites
Success criteria
As a result of completing this learning task you now understand basic HTML and CSS and could interpret this
if you needed to.
In Part 2 you are starting to create a simple hand coded website via notepad (or another text editor of your
choice) based on the topic you used for Assessment 1
IMPORTANT RESOURCES – There are new resources under the resources area in Compass (and under Teams >
Files > Class Materials) in the following areas:
▪ PDF file of your Part 2 Design and Website Brief
▪ images of mockups/ wireframes for you to look at for your website design – remember a simple design
is all I need
▪ website article on Brand Vision
1. Draw a very simple website design you will create in your HTML website – have a look at some of the
image examples to help you draw or model what’s in your mind. Take a photo and upload or use
google drawing or even powerpoint to create some shapes and save the file. You could include such
items in your sketch/drawing such as
a. title
b. 2 x images
c. paragraph text
d. table data
e. header and footer
2. Look at the article on brand vision (see Compass Resources) and write down in a new document
a. brand purpose – think big, what is the motivation and meaning to unlock its power and
potential – > the common cause that unites people together to want to engage with your
b. brand values – what do you stand for as a business -> who will look at it, why they will look at
it, and what do you think they will want to see. What unites them to the same values as you
a. brand future – what is your brand’s possibilities -> forecast what the brand will achieve in the
next year, 5 years, 10 years what do you think the vision of your website will be
You may need to alter your drawing based on these new ideas.
3. look at the article on brand vision and write down
a. What will your voice and niche be (Lean Startup – 1 page Business Plan) – see under
Compass > Resources OR Teams > Files > Class Materials
b. Who will your audience be- describe 3-5 typical user (Personas) –
use https://www.hubspot.com/make-my-persona a step by step guide
c. What will your site do (Customer Journey & Information Architecture)
Customer Journey Learning Task
Today you should be focusing on a typical customers/ person’s journey through your simple site. We call
these customer journey maps. Think of it like a journey where you are going from point A to point B using a
navigation tool. where do you start and finish. What are the major points along the way you need to go past
or complete that will help get you to your destination.
Think about what your personas (i.e. the key people who would come to your site) want to do on your site.
Where do they start and finish. What are the steps they need to take to get to their goal.
1. In a word document list the top 3-5 activities that people will want to do by coming to your site.
2. Go to your compass > resources > reportable learning task 2 > customer journey map folder and look
for a customer journey map template. JUST DO SLIDE 4!!
3. download this file
4. work on it by stepping through your top reason people come to your site. where do they go and
what do they need to do.
5. If stuck look at the following example of completed slide 4 (weblink to file)
What slide 4 looks like
The sections about what do we want to change and how/why is optional.
Example – school website
a key reason people would be going to the site will be students logging in every day.
So what are the steps I need to complete to sign in every day.
1. open a browser
2. type in the school website
3. use the quick-links to go to compass system
4. log into compass
5. access the form to log in
6. close the form once completed
This is a key journey people complete when they come to this school website.
Think of the key reasons people come to your site and what they have to access to do what they need.
HINT: to make it easier for you to complete this task for your own site, this major journey should be
something that you have already coded on your site. What steps do you need to do to go from A – B.
https://www.visual-paradigm.com/guide/customer-experience/what-is-customer-journey-mapping/ – go to
DUE – end of week

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