Leadership theory

1.Leadership theory
Each individual student will research and write a paper with analysis of leadership practices and associated issues within a selected organisation .
APA referencing 2500 words
due 28 nov

2.organizational change
The purpose of this assessment is to allow students take on a management perspective to analyse organisational change and propose recommendations with the aim of improving the situation. This project seeks to create a case study of an organization that requires a change intervention.
Students will be required to choose an organisation that they are familiar with and analyse it using relevant change management theories or frameworks to identify areas where change is required. Relevant change intervention strategies are to be proposed.

The organisational change project covers the following:

  1. An introduction to the organisation.
  2. Internal and external analysis of the organisation to identify areas requiring change (at the end of this section, include a summary of the areas where change is required)
  3. Literature review – overview of change management theories or frameworks
  4. Evaluation of possible change strategies required to improve the situation.
  5. Recommendations of the most suitable strategies.
  6. Required resources for implementing the identified suitable strategies.
  7. Conclusion
    General notes for assignment

Assignments should usually incorporate a formal introduction, main points and conclusion, and will be fully referenced including a reference list.

The word count for the assessment is 3000 words (+/- 10%)

Marks will be deducted for failure to adhere to the word count

General Notes for Referencing

References are assessed for their quality. You should draw on quality academic sources, such as books, chapters from edited books, journals etc. Your textbook can be used as a reference, but not the lecturer notes. We want to see evidence that you can conduct your own research. Also, in order to help markers, determine students’ understanding of the work they cite, all in-text references (not just direct quotes) must include the specific page number/s if shown in the original.
Work that includes sources that are not properly referenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalized.
due 28 nov

Write a summative paper on seminal theories of governance and stewardship that inform effective organizational leadership in non-profit or forprofit organizations. Your assertions should be supported with a minimum of ten scholarly sources from the literature. The paper, written entirely in the third person per APA 6 format requirements and supported by appropriate theories and research, incorporating biblical/ ethical principles, should include:
• an introduction;
• a discussion of key theories of governance that have contributed to organizational effectiveness in general (a minimum of three theories should be discussed;
• contributions of stewardship theory in general to effective governance in non-profit and for-profit organizations;
• a discussion of the relationship of a leader’s values and beliefs to effective governance in organizations;
• a conclusion

apa refrencing 2500 words

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