Leadership Principles

When you think of a great leader, who stands out to you? Pete Frates (ALS Foundation), Pope Francis, Beatrice Mtetwa (human rights lawyer of Zimbabwe), Bill and Melinda Gates (foundation focused on health care and poverty), and Sir Ganesh Dutt (longest serving minister in the British Empire) are examples of people who are often seen as great leaders. What do these leaders, if anything, have in common? What leadership principles do you possess that would make you a great leader?

For this Journal Assignment, review the leadership principles in your course text. Then, select a leadership style assessment from the links in the resources and perform a self-assessment. Finally, reflect on the characteristics of managers vs. leaders.

By Day 7

Post an assessment, in 750–1,000 words, of your leadership style. Explain how your leadership style relates to the leadership principles in the course text. Explain how the principles relate to your leadership style as a current or future leader of a particular organization. Describe what makes a good manager and leader. Evaluate whether a leader needs to be a manager and why or why not. Provide examples.

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