Leadership philosophy

Students will be required to submit a reflective essay on their philosophy of leadership and application of the philosophy to an organisational leadership situation.

Students will be expected to write an essay in response to the questions below.


Part A: Leadership philosophy

Describe the following:

a) Your leadership style.

b) Leadership/ principles that you would not be willing to violate.

c) The impact of personal beliefs (e.g. religion, inclusiveness) on your leadership approach.

d) Key experiences that have informed your leadership approach

Part B: Application of leadership philosophy

a) Identify a key leadership issue (either past or present) in your organization (or an organization that you are familiar with) that requires you (a prospective or current leader) to make critical decisions.

b) Provide a brief overview of the issue, to contextualize it.

c) Based on your leadership philosophy, explain what you would have done as a leader in the situation you have identified. In your explanations, provide justification for your decisions on how you would have handled the situation.

References are assessed for their quality. You should draw on quality academic sources, such as books, chapters from edited books, journals etc. Your textbook can be used as a reference, but not the lecturer notes. We want to see evidence that you can conduct your own research. Also, in order to help markers, determine students’ understanding of the work they cite, all in-text references (not just direct quotes) must include the specific page number/s if shown in the original.

Work that includes sources that are not properly referenced according to the “Harvard Referencing Workbook” will be penalized.

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