LAWS11060 Student guide & revision for assessment

LAWS11060 Term 1 2020

Student guide & revision for assessment two

  • Assessment two is a 24 hour paper. The question will be released at 8am on 15 June 2020 on Moodle and is due via the assessment two upload link on Moodle by 8am on 16 June 2020.
  • There are two questions and each is worth 30 marks.
  • The exam is worth 60 marks of your assessment in this course.
  • Each question has a maximum word count of 1000 words. The total maximum word count is 2000 words.
  • Each question is a problem with various criminal law scenarios. There are four defendants (two in question one and two in question two). You will need to identify each defendant, their criminal law offence(s) and their role, which may include, property offences, drug offences, homicide, defence options and police procedures.
  • Your answer must identify the legal issue, reference legislation and case law and link the law to the facts in the question. You should be able to come to a conclusion after you have linked the law with the facts.
  • For example: identify the criminal law offence, identify the legislation (Act and section), identify the elements of the criminal law offence (contained in the section), and discuss the case law (specifically identify a paragraph from the judgment) which has applied the elements of the offence. In this discussion link the elements of the legislation and the case law to the facts contained in the problem scenario so that your discussion of the law is applied to the question with a concluding argument.
  • If you fall ill and are unable to complete the assessment, you need to make an application to the Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching. If he approves your request you will sit an alternate take home paper (which is normally held in Term 2 – the midterm break in August).

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