LAW501SEM Commercial Law

LAW501SEM Commercial Law Assignment Essay Questions and Answers

August 28, 2019Questions Answers

LAW501SEM Commercial Law

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Question 1   (10 Marks)

Ratu owns a property with a large backyard that is usually brightly lit at night by floodlights. For months he has asked local teenagers to stop using his yard as a ‘short cut’ to the bus stop, but they have ignored him. Ratu decides to put in a pool. Yesterday, after the constructor had spent the day excavating a large hole, Ratu decided not to switch on the floodlights. At 11 pm Hamish fell into the hole and suffered serious injury.

Explain whether Ratu is likely to be liable for negligence? Use IRAC method.

Question 2    (10 marks)

Trevor is a Lecturer at an Institute of Further Education. He is horrified to read an Article by Raymon Bolgersberg in the “Daily News”, a local newspaper claiming that his undergraduate degree was forged in order to get a job. While the Article did not expressly mention Trevor’s name, it did describe the background and his position at the Institute of Further Education in considerable detail. Trevor is concerned that the article may cause him to lose his job.

Advise Trevor of his legal rights if any, against the Author of the Article; and the Newspaper Company. Use IRAC method.

Word limit: each question should be answered not exceeding 500 words each.

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