Jenifer grey & Patrick swayze

Star cast: Jenifer grey & Patrick swayze

Note: I want you to make this assignment for me. For that, you need to watch movie that I mentioned above so please watch that movie and answer 1 to 11 for me. For questions 1 to 11, please read the instructions and answer as per instruction sheet which I attached below. I already finished question 12 and 13 so do not do it.

Please send me quotation for it.

I don’t want to make full assignments.. i want to make till question number 11. You give me very high price for it. Please do it in some lower rate because I want to make 2 assignments of this movie analysis. So please rate accordingly.

For first assignment, after watching movie I just want you to answer questions 1 to 11 in 4 pages because I don’t know about word limit. So please do some less fees for that.

For second assignment, I want you to make full movie analysis assignment on same movie which I sent you in previous mail so share price for it too.

I don’t want both assignment same or paraphrase so please take care of it because we are in same class so it is going to be trouble for us if it will same then.

1) What is the charge for question no. 1 to 11 in four page?
2) What is the price for full movie analysis assignment in four to five pages?

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