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You will write a Java class called AsciiArt that must be saved into a file called ‘ASCII’ stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange, and is the original standard for representing characters. If you’re interested, see the Wikipedia ASCII article for more information, and this article describes ASCII art.

In this assignment, your task is to draw something pretty using ASCII art, subject to a few constraints. Please feel free to use your imagination as much (or as little) as you like. You can draw something creative and original, or stick to the kinds of shapes we’ve been talking about in class. One potentially fun way to do this is to produce stylized representations of well-known shapes, like the Statue of Liberty or Seattle’s Space Needle.

Here are the constraints on your program:

Your program must use constants (e.g., static final int SIZE=10) in place of any numeric constants (except for 0 and 1), and in place of any character constants.

Your program must use at least 3 different loops.

In addition to the regular loops above, your program should use at least 3 nested loops.

Your program must use at least one doubly-nested loop (e.g., a for loop inside a for loop inside a for loop).

Finally, your program should have one constant called SIZE such that if the we change the value of this constant, the entire size of your drawing will change proportionately. For instance, if your program produces a drawing of 100 characters wide and 200 long when SIZE = 10, then if we change SIZE to 5 (and makes NO other changes), it should produce something 50 characters wide and 100 characters long. If we change the SIZE to 20, it should produce something 200 characters wide and 400 characters long, and so on. You may include a comment that specifies what ranges of values constitute valid values for this SIZE constant, but it should be a nontrivial range (that is, don’t say that it only works for SIZE = 6, or something like that).

You should properly indent your code and use whitespace to make your program readable. Give meaningful names to variables in your code. Follow Java’s naming and capitalization standards.

Include a comment at the beginning of your program with basic information and a description of the program.

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