JAVA Programming

JAVA Programming IIIDukes Bookstore UpgradeTax and ShippingThe Duke’s Bookstore website is missing functionality for calculating proper tax and shipping for orders. Add the functionality to support proper tax and shipping calculations for the bookstore. You must compute taxes for all states that require sales taxes and shipping costs. Additional Notes:· You will need to add this functionality to the checkout page in the application. Add a drop-down list to allow the user to pick a state for tax purposes.· Add an extra checkout page that displays the order sub-total, tax amount, shipping charges, and a grand total.· You may NOT hard-code the tax rates for the states in the program. Tax rates are data and are subject to change. Therefore the tax rates should be stored in a database table. You will have to create a database table containing states and tax rates. You will need to create a StateTax entity class to define the database table and a StateTaxRequestBean to access the table. Use a StateTaxConfigBean to populate the table with taxes (you may hard-code the taxes into the StateTaxConfigBean since it is defining the state tax database table). Atta

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