James is contracted by a Web design consultancy

Case Study 3

James is contracted by a Web design consultancy company to interview their staff to ascertain their current knowledge. The aim of the study is to inform the company about the type of training courses they need to implement. The aim of the study therefore, is to highlight areas of overall weakness as opposed to individual shortcomings. Despite this, the type of data collected will be able to identify individual weaknesses. James has been advised that individual’s information gathered from interviewees is to remain private. Following the study. A senior Vice President of the company approaches James and asks: “Who did well in this study?” How should James respond to this question?

Discuss briefly the ethical dilemma that James faces. Show your utilisation of either Thomas White or Chris MacDonald’s methodology to demonstrate how James might analyse and resolve the dilemma. Provide a recommendation of what actions James should take and with whom he might communicate throughout the process.

Include in your answer those clauses from the ACS code of Ethics and ACS code of Professional Conduct that are relevant and briefly explain why. Refer also to any relevant legislation with an explanation of how it relates.

Why you selected MacDonald’s framework.  Make sure you include the 9 steps as sub-headings in your Assignment. 

Things to Consider in Your Assignment:

  • You should list at least 3 values from the ACS Code of Ethics and up to 5 clauses from the ACS Code of Professional Conduct, you think are specifically relevant in deciding how to resolve the situation. Make sure that you refer to the most up to date ACS Codes which are available on the ACS website – www.acs.org.au.
  • You should also list any relevant Australian legislation that you think applies to this scenario.
  • Your analysis, discussion and recommendations should use the framework you selected in Week 3 – Solving an Ethical Dilemma.
  • Your assignment should be 500 – 800 words in length (excluding your code lists, legislation list and references).
  • use complete Harvard Notation referencing style.

Marking Guide

Marks will be awarded using the following guidelines.

  • 15% meeting the procedural requirements, including, spelling, grammar, number of words, document formatting,
  • 30% how logically and thoroughly you identified and described professional ,ethical and legal issues arising in the scenario,
  • 30% how well you developed your recommendations and supported them with relevant, correct referencing,
  • 20% how well you convinced the reader that you understood the issues,
  • 5% did the material generate interest in the reader?

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