Investigate and develop a treatment guideline

Investigate and develop a treatment guideline for the use of an electrical modality

Topic: Electrotherapies is an essential element of wound management and skin rejuvenation enhancement. Investigate modalities used by the Dermal Clinician by using supporting literature and describe the management of FAT REDUCTION (ultrasound modalities).

Discussion: Assess the physiological effects on the electrotherapy modality for treating fat reduction (ultrasound modalities).


  • To understand in detail the mechanisms of action of the selected procedure.
  • To develop a culture of evidence based practice.
  • Development of the ability to make a connection between the mechanism of action of the procedure and the potential efficacy for the treatment of fat reduction (ultrasound modalities).


  • Correct terminology must be used accurately and appropriately
  • Do not include pictures, dot points or tables.

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