Introduction to Public Health

I have my old writing and feedback from professor. I would like your term help me to rewriting and add feedback to it. thank you in advance. Feedback from Essay/Case Study Introduction to Public Health
What went well: you have included some theory to underpin your discussion and shown some insight into public health and the elderly. What did not go well: there is a lack of in depth critical theory underpinning your discussion e.g. the impact of inequalities, advocacy, ethical considerations, education, power etc. The discussion about ideological debates underpinning public health policy need expanding as does the discussion about the impact of health economics on public health. There is too much emphasis on the chosen topic – ageing. This is a very short assignment, the extra word allowance can be used to develop the discussion. The referencing format is incorrect and there are references missing throughout Assignment guidance Introduction to Public Health
4000 word essay general points: Include an introduction this lets the reader know what will be in the document. The main body: Set the scene so your discussion makes sense to the reader i.e. assume the reader knows nothing about the subject or its relevance. This may include the demographic and social characteristics of a population, group or community;
Provide a rationale for the prioritization of the chosen population group and health need.
Critically review accessible evidence related to the health need; Avoid too much description, you are being assessed on your knowledge of the principles of public health. Therefore, do not place too much emphasis on your chosen topic. Apply referenced models and theories to your discussion. The main concerns for Public Health are: inequalities, health economics, behavior change, advocay and ethics. Please ensure you address these. Ensure you address the LOs:
1.1: Critically analyse the history, knowledge base, theories, ethics and ideological debates underpinning public health policy, practice and provision.
1.2: Engage in critical analysis and interpretation of the research evidence when designing interventions to improve population health.
1.3: Engage in critical analysis of the role public health practitioners as agents of change and advocacy for public health.
2.1: Critically appraise the principles underpinning the practice of public health and health economics.
2.2: Critically assess and apply key concepts health economics and public health policies that influence health care provision.
2.3: Critically reflect on the practical and ethical issues that arise out of public health practice.
2.4: Critically apply a model of disease prevention including the ability to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate strategies for promoting the health and wellbeing of the population.
3.1 To critically evaluate and apply current evidence from a wide range of sources to inform professional practice in relation to public health and personal learning.
3.2 Develop skills of reflection, synthesis and articulate sound argument for identifying and prioritising public health needs, implementation and evaluation of public health interventions in practice.
3.3 Gain skills in public health advocacy and communication.
3.4 Retrieve, apply and evaluate appropriate information on demographic, epidemiological and social data related to identifying health needs of the population. All the discussion should fully referenced; i.e. before every full stop consider where the information has come from. If it is not your own opinion a reference will be required.
If it is your own opinion this must be made clear by using a caveat e.g. it could be argued that etc. Only put references into the bibliography if you have citied it in your assignment. Models, tables, references and the bibliography are not included in the word count. Conclusion
A conclusion should not contain any new information; it should be used to sum up your discussion.
Reference your conclusion in the same