international marketing consultant

You are an international marketing consultant and have been approached by a large organization in your domiciled country. The company has recently expanded overseas and is now seeking your advice on how to develop the market. You are to propose a market development plan.
Give examples of four (4) actionable goals for your business as you embark on your mission into your chosen country
(Oman) . Describe why each goal is important to the firm.
In particular you must address the following factors:-
1. Provide an overview of the current organization including its overseas strategic vision, mission and competitive position. Critically discuss the appropriate market segmentation for market penetration. 15 marks
2. Critically assess an appropriate product strategy to be adopted by the organization in its overseas markets. Your discussion should include whether the products should be standardized or localized. Explain who do you mean by product standardization and adaption in context of International marketing. Give examples of products that may require adaption across different countries. 15 marks
3. Discuss and analyses the critical factors that need to be considered when developing a new distribution strategy. Recommend an appropriate distribution strategy for the international target markets for this business.
In the process how does culture influence international marketing decisions?
15 marks
1. You need to demonstrate your depth of understanding with clear answers supported by relevant examples where necessary. The distribution of marks is as printed on each part of the question. Use the allocation as a guide to determine the length of your answer.
2. Your submission should contain 2000 words in length excluding references. Tables, figures and/or illustrations can be included as part of the assignment (500 Words), but while not included in the word count, will earn extra marks.
3. Citations made from journals/magazines/conference proceedings/working papers/encyclopedia etc, should use the Harvard style will also earn marks. They must be carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency. The citations should be in the main text and also must be listed correctly and fully in the reference section at end of paper. The list of references is not part of the word count.
4. Place your name, as a footer on all pages.
5. Complete the coversheet supplied
6. Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and 1.5 spacing.
7. Number all pages Assignment #2 1. Discuss and evaluate the differences and distinctions which maybe be activated or applied when considering cultures and marketing in a variety of differing cultures internationally.
Give two or more examples of how external factors (exogenous variables) in the international environment make export marketing more complex than domestic marketing. – 15 marks
2. Consider the implications of product and marketing modifications necessary in a variety of situations internationally.
Critically examine and discuss how and why your chosen marketing organisation needs to strategically plan and manage its relationship strategies as a key external critical success factor in the context of potential success/failure of its future Market Development planning- 15 marks
3. Evaluate the major trends in contemporary marketing strategy within international business (e.g. the effects of on shoring and back shoring on marketing strategy and national concepts of market ownership and product/service ownership). 15 marks Length of each answer should be around 600 to 700 words excluding references. You may write your assignment using point form, with, photos, charts, tables and graphics (500 words), to help you lay out this case study, making reference to any leadership theories or models that are appropriate.
Citations from journals/books/book chapters/conference proceedings/working papers/encyclopedia or annual reports, should use the Harvard style. They must be carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency, and presented at the end of the assignmen