International Marketing

HEP: 1 MKT303A/MKG303 Assessment 2 2016112
Assessment 2 Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject code MKT303A/MKG303
Subject name International Marketing
Assessment title Assessment 2 – Case Study
Group or individual
Length 2000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning outcomes
a, b, d, e
Submission date Week 8
Total marks 100 Marks
Weighting 50%
HEP: 2 MKT303A/MKG303 Assessment 2 2016112

Assessment Brief:
1. This assignment must be prepared and submitted as an individual, the work you submit
must be your own.
2. You should include a reference list for any textbooks, websites or other references you
use to support your recommendations.
3. The purpose of this assignment is for students to use a case study approach to compare
and contrast two different international markets for a brand and to recommend which
market has the greatest potential for immediate development.
4. The report should consider the external environment (economic, financial, legal, political
& cultural) and the student should discuss the similarities and differences for the brand
5. The company is Australian icon R.M. Williams, which is now owned 100% by
luxury goods company LVMH.
6. The two markets to compare are Europe and China
7. Students are advised to conduct secondary research and analysis of the company and
the markets to substantiate the recommendations.
8. A professional level of presentation is expected together with adherence to the word
Marking Criteria:

Marking Criteria Marks possible
Understanding of the company, its history and its product portfolio 0 – 10 points
Comparative analysis: economic & financial environments 0 – 20 points
Comparative analysis: political & legal environments 0 – 20 points
Comparative analysis: cultural environments 0 – 20 points
Analysis and strategic recommendations regarding Europe and China 0 – 20 points
Document presentation including length & referencing 0 – 10 points
Total marks /100 points