International market opportunities and strategies

International Market Opportunities and Strategies for E-Business

Present the current status of e-business in Europe, Asia and Latin America- In TEN (10) PAGES, present 3-4 “best practices” or success stories that new entrants may wish to consider as they embark upon e-business in each of the three regions (europe, asia and latin america).

All research papers are to present a use of specific examples or cases, statistical information (numbers, charts, graphics), utilization of information from the key articles and books on the issue, a fair and balanced evaluation of the topic, original thinking on your part, and business or business- government policy and decision recommendations. In-text citations, footnotes (where necessary), and a complete listing of references are required. Web-based citations should be used minimally. NO WIKIPEDIA!

3-4 “best practices” or success stories that new entrants may consider in each of the three regions.

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