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The international activities for communication has been affected by the language and that is the most important part of communication. There are many ways of English language that has been adopted by the students for communication and making their skill efficient by listening, speaking, reading and writing of the English language. A researcher named Ahmadi has defined the importance of these elements of any language for learning. The instructors are using many methods for learning the language. The computer are playing important role in language learning classes by which the trainers will make their lesson very effective and impressive for their learners. The computer will provide a big support to the trainer for understanding the curriculum. Computer technology has been recommended as an important part of study by many teachers and they allow the computer technology for providing a good education quality.

Technology and Technology Integration

Many researchers have defined the use of technologies in language learning. The knowledge of technology is based of practical knowledge that has been used for covering any specific area of information. This process is used as a task that will performed in the form of method of any technical knowledge. The Technology is only referring the machine (computer hardware) knowledge but is will also include the detailed information on related structure with human, machine and the proper environment for the technology development (Faizi, 2018). The computer technology will provide unlimited offer to the language learners and to the trainers also. The language learning techniques have been discovered by the help of internet and it will provide depth knowledge of language to the learner. The use of proper technology will provide suitable contents that are very important and useful for the learners. The comparative learning can be developed in the leaner by proper use of the technology based on computer.

As per some researchers the integration of the technology has been explained with the procedure by which the teacher is using the technology to perform the basic activities that are known by the learner. The use of the technology will make study very effective and efficient and the activities can be re-shaped with the help of technology. The integration of the technology can be used to improve the environment of education (Blyth, 2018). It is very helpful for class while teaching with new technology the teacher will also feel very confident. This will provide many opportunities to the learner to complete their assignment without ant pen or paper if they are using computer technology. The language learner will get many offers that are unlimited while using the technical resources.

Use of Technology in English Language

The learners can learn many things with the technology because it is very effective tool for them. The technology is an important part for the learner if they use it properly. The teacher have to make their assignments that are based on the technologies that will support the learners for learning more techniques about the technology. The assignment and the work that has been designed by the trainer can be performed by student on true environment of the technology. That will support them to get more knowledge about different language learning skills. The learner will cooperate with the technology to get the details of language learning skill. The cooperation between learner and the technology is very important for effective study (Yang, 2019).

The computer technology will improve the teacher’s teaching methodology and also improving the learner’s learning skill techniques. The use of computer technology will provide an access to the information that the learner actually required. The teachers are able to understand and provide the basic need of their learners. With the use of computer technology, the teacher and the learner are able to connect themselves with local and global society to grab the information that they need. The effect of the computer technology is completely based on the use of them. The technology will give the positive result when it is used properly and in right direction.

The English teaching is not effective when it is used chalk and talk method. The computer technology will make English learning very easy and effective with the help of many applications and services. This changed methodology is very effective for teacher and learner both. A learner can learn the English language skill efficiently when a well-planned classroom has been set with all technical needs. The classes that are based of technology are more effective than then classes that are based on lecture (Lal, 2017). The all responsibility of proper use of the technology is upon teacher. The teacher will decide the method and technique that has been used for effective learning process. The process should not be very tough because every student is not a computer expert.


The researcher will review many concerning issues that are related to the use of technology for the learning of English language. The use of technology cannot provide the guarantee for the teaching of teacher and the learning of the learners that indicated in the literature review of this report. Teachers are supporting the computer technology for learners. The use of computer technology will make the methods of learning very easy ad effective by which the learners can easily get their required information from the internet of the process that designed by their teachers. The teacher will recommend the use of computer technology in language learning process for more effective results. In other words, we can say that teachers are sporting the integration of technology in language learning and teaching both (Godwin, 2016).

If the technology is used in a proper way then the teacher and learner both will get the benefits of this method. It will have many advantages for teacher and learner. The learners can use this type of technology to solve their learning problems and they will also find the methods by which they can review their learning skill and knowledge both.


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