Internal economies of scale

pics for 2nd Research Paper DUE Week
11 And 12
• Inter Industry trade and Intra industry trade
• Internal economies of scale and external economies of scale
• Monopolistic competition and Oligopoly markets
• Dumping
• International labour mobility and its affects on countries
• Tariffs and Import duties – Affects on industries and the economies, costs and benefits of a tariff
• Trade policy- Comment on Australia’s trade policy (both positive and negative impacts on Australian economy, industries and employment)
• Import substitution and Export oriented approach (Compare any other developed nation with Australia)
• Controversies in trade policy- Winners and losers in trade and Australia free trade agreements with Korea, Japan or China.
Structure of the Research Paper
• Introduction – which topic 300 words
• Body- Discuss the topic in the article and with some theory -2400 words
• Conclusion 300 words
– More marks for research – choosing a good article on something specific
– Atleast 6 to 10 articles on your topic besides facts and figures
– Copying theory from the book is not acceptable.
– More marks for application and your comments on the topic in conclusion