integrates the knowledge and skills

You will complete a capstone that integrates the knowledge and skills you have developed in the business core coursework and over the duration of the term by creating an executive summary that highlights the performance of your company from the Capsim simulation. The executive summary is your opportunity to show your knowledge of the organization, products, and business functions—skills that professionals in this field must possess. You will also reflect on your journey through the business core and how you plan to position yourself both professionally and in your upcoming program of study. This personal and professional reflection will specifically focus on business communication skills, professional etiquette, and peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration.

Evaluation of Capstones

This capstone will be assessed somewhat differently than other courses you have taken online at SNHU. There are two separate components, which will be evaluated as a unit in determining whether you have demonstrated proficiency in each outcome. Your instructor will guide you through this process, keeping a running narrative of your strengths and weaknesses in relation to the outcomes as you progress through the class. Your work is expected to meet the highest professional standards.

This assessment will evaluate your mastery with respect to the following outcomes:

  • OL-421-01: Demonstrate business communication skills and etiquette for constructing personal and professional reflections in a variety of business environments
  • OL-421-02: Analyze strategic problem-solving skills for enhancing business success
  • OL-421-03: Analyze the use of quantitative and qualitative tools for informing strategic decision-making
  • OL-421-04: Assess ethical, legal, and social challenges for suggesting improvement and enhancement strategies
  • OL-421-05: Assess peer-to-peer and peer-to-leader collaboration for improving performance and decision making
  • OL-421-06: Analyze global business markets for informing future business expansion choices
  • OL-421-07: Analyze entrepreneurial and innovative approaches for solving authentic business problems

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