Integrated inventory control system

A small software company is working on an integrated inventory control system for a very large national shoe manufacturer.  The system will gather sales information daily from shoe stores nationwide.  This information will be used by the accounting, shipping, and ordering departments to control all of the functions of this large corporation.  The inventory functions are critical to the smooth operation of the system.  Jane, a quality assurance engineer with the software compa … • use a cover page – as per the suggested template,  • use in‐text referencing,  • use complete Harvard Notation, submit in “Word” format or equivalent format that can be readily opened in MS Word, keep your formatting simple: Arial 11pt, 10pt after paragraph, single line spacing, headings in bold, maximum 2 indent levels/bullet levels. Do not use page borders, word art, page backgrounds or similar extraneous decoration  • Your uploaded file name should identify you as part of its

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