Innovative and Practical Applications

Subject Innovative and Practical Applications

The solution chosen for this case would be applying the use of the metaverse into the working process, which is a three-dimensional virtual world where employees and managers can interact and communicate with each other in real time without being physically in the same place.

Moreover, VR headsets are not going to be implemented for this specific solution, we will be using more common and accessible electronic devices such as laptops, phones, or tablets. This particular application of metaverse is like playing a business simulation video game when you control your character on the screen to move around and interact with other people and solve real-world problems virtually, therefore, with this solution, a virtual office working space will be constructed and hand motions on the screen are the only necessary form of movement needed in this metaverse solution

Not only that, in order to enhance employees’ ability to focus and their creativity as well as reduce pressure, employees are able to customize their virtual characters based on their taste and they can turn off the sound in the metaverse if they need to stay focused working on their own. As a result, individual performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction are expected to increase as well as the reduction in absenteeism.