INFT 5020 – Assignment 3

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INFT 5020 – Assignment 3
Due date: Sunday, November 10, 2019, 11:00 PM
Weighting: 30% of the course total marks.
This is a group assessment.
You must complete this assessment in the group assigned to you by the course coordinator.
All answers must be entirely in your own words and/or drawings. Add references where appropriate to
support your analysis. Penalties apply for academic misconduct. You will receive marks via learnonline
within 2-3 weeks.
You will be graded based on relevance, completeness, and correctness of your answers. Individual
marks may be adjusted based on each student’s contributions to this assessment.
Submission Instructions
Submit two files:
1) The answers to Tasks 3.1-3.4 and 3.6 (as a PDF file)
2) The PowerPoint presentation (as a PDF file)
One set of documents per group and please do not include a cover sheet. Include a statement of
contributions each group member has made. Adhere to the University’s policies regarding plagiarism
and academic integrity. Penalties apply.
Contact your group members and start the assignment early. Extensions to group assignments will not
be granted. Due to scheduling constraints, it is not possible to reschedule the oral presentations at other
In-Class Presentations
Each group must present their work in class in weeks 11, 12 and 13. You will get 25-30 minutes to
present their work, followed by 5-10 minutes of questions and answers.
Please ensure that all group members attend and that all are equally prepared. Course Coordinator will
randomly select group members who will present, and the remaining members will need to answer
questions. External students who cannot attend in class must engage via skype.
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Complete the following tasks with reference to the ArchiFarm case study. Document all assumptions
you make and cite the source of information where appropriate.
Task 3.1: Baseline Architecture
You may need to consolidate and document the individual baseline architectures the team members
created in Assignments 1 and 2 into a coherent baseline. Document the baseline architecture using
appropriate ArchiMate diagrams.
Task 3.2: Target Architecture
Define a target architecture for ArchiFarm. Consider the business capabilities, business, information,
application, and technology layers. Create appropriate ArchiMate diagrams showing the target
Task 3.3: Gap Analysis
Perform a gap analysis between the baseline architecture (Task 3.1) and the Target Architecture (Task
3.2). Create appropriate ArchiMate diagrams showing the gaps.
Task 3.4: Roadmap
Develop a roadmap for the migration from baseline to target architecture. Ensure that your roadmap
maintains business continuity throughout the transition. Create appropriate ArchiMate diagrams
showing the roadmap.
Task 3.5: Presentation
Create a presentation illustrating the gap analysis and transition recommendations. You must be able
to complete the presentation in class within the allocated time in Week 11-13. It is recommended that
your presentation should not be more than 15 slides.
Task 3.6: Contributions
Briefly summarise the contributions each student has made to this assignment. If you have concerns
about adding this summary to the submission, or if you wish to make a confidential comment about your
group, please contact the Course Coordinator.

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