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INF 30015 Information & Knowledge Management

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 Your task is to produce a business report encapsulating the following requirements. ï‚· A brief overview of the case organization (5%); ï‚· A brief overview of the Information Systems (Knowledge Management Systems, Enterprise systems, etc.) implemented in the case organization. Reason for the organization’s investment in IS (10%); ï‚· Fit of the IS for the organizational processes (10%); ï‚· Tacit and Explicit Knowledge (examples) in the case organization (15%); ï‚· KM lifecycle and culture in the case organization (15%); ï‚· In implementing IS, highlight some of the KM Initiatives put into practice (15%); ï‚· Using specific examples (from various sources), recommend a set of strategies that can improve organizational learning and successful KM practices for the case organization (30%

Commonwealth Bank is a multinational bank present in Australia with many subsidiaries. It is commonly known as commbank or CBA. It was founded in the year 1911 by the government of Australia. It was listed in the stock exchange of Australia in the year 1991.  CBA was a government bank that was completely privatized in the 1996. The first branch of this bank was opened in the year 1912 in Melbourne. In an accord with Australia Post until the present time, the bank exchanged through mail station business or organizations. In the year 1912, it converged with the state investment funds bank in the region of Tasmania, and by the year 1913, it had subsidiaries in each six states.The bank transferred its main office to Sydney in the year 1916. In addition to it, the bank took after the Australian armed force into New Guinea, where it opened a branch in Rabaul and offices somewhere else. In the year 1920, the bank assumed control from the Department of the Treasury the obligation regarding the issue of Australian certified receipts, the start of its obtaining of national bank powers.  Another Commonwealth Development Bank was built up in the year 1960 and in the middle of the 1970s; CBA enhanced its market into zones like travel and protection. It set up a fund association named CBFC in the year 1974. CBA additionally turned out to be even more intensely included in remote coin global and exchanging saving money as a rule. CBA has executed an imaginative and in profundity project to dispose of the oblivious inclination that kept the women and minorities from accomplishing their potential in the work environment to help CBA achieve the differing qualities target set for 2014. Through these endeavors, CBA has made a work environment where it is feasible for pioneers and representatives at all levels to have discussions about sexual orientation, including troublesome discourses about generalizations and predisposition that wouldn’t have been conceivable a couple of years prior.


. We will completely dissect the necessities of data frameworks at the different diverse levels and survey the security requirements for these reasons. Information systems that can be implemented in Commonwealth Bank are as follows:

. CBA is a bank and is dedicated on serving their customers and therefore they must ensure that they know all their customers’ needs.  

2. Communicate and capture the information gathered: With the approach of systems and Web innovation, composed data is currently exceptionally modest and simple to disperse. This implies an association can get gigantic influence by imparting however much as could be expected in composing. All the association’s vital reference information ought to be made accessible. The real test is to catch it and verify that it is elegantly composed and precise. There is no point conveying data rapidly that just befuddles and deludes. This is the most fundamental level. CBA can use the data only for authoritative purposes. Undertakings incorporate accounting, record treatment of clients and so on. The upset of web saving money has made the fundamental level considerably more alluring to clients than it used to be. Besides the idea of telephone managing an account through IVRs has further turned out to be a noteworthy innovative step towards the advancement of banks and information technology frameworks.

3. Information must be made easily accessible for the customers: Putting learning on-line, especially reference data is insufficient. It should be organized in a custom-made method to the client’s necessities. The information should be distributed on paper for the individuals who cannot or will not bring a PC with them to their work environment.

. At the point when the time desires an advancement to leave its storage room, procedures should be set up to spread it generally all through the association.

5. Organizational skills and the needs of the infrastructure should be determined: Knowledge Management will not happen without devoting individuals to the errand and giving them the hierarchical force, assets and setting to take care of business. The bank should make their infrastructure better and should employ skilled employees. They should train their present employees so that they can get equipped with the new and latest technology.

CBA needs IS in its systems because information technology are changing rapidly through the economy. No business or organization can break free from its belongings. Emotional decreases in the expenditure of getting, transmitting, and preparing data are altering the way one work. Most of the broad directors comprehend that the transformation is under way. As more of their time and speculation, capital is caught up in data innovation and its administrators, belongings have a developing mindfulness that the improvement can never be again selected from the region of ARE or EDP offices. The only way to get ahead in the game and minimize the effect of their competitors on them, the bank should use information systems in their current system. This will give them an fair advantage in the market.


. The voucher framework was not designed properly for suppliers and beneficiaries and thus made it hard to screen installments and was inclined to human blunder. To rectify this kind of issue the bank had to take some initiative. They could have avoided this situation if they knew the requirements of the customers before the implementation of the vouchers. The bank should provide training to its employees as it has become very essential in these days. The approach of PCs has offered ascent to data frameworks being utilized as a business apparatus on a huge scale. PCs and all the more particularly data frameworks are being utilized on an extensive scale by all organizations. The use of the capacities of Information frameworks and advancements acquires out change business forms. With the advancement in technology, the employees and the other members of the bank should keep themselves updated about the new technology. 

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