influence of Quality of Life

Influence of Quality of Life on Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses Work in Government Hospitals in KSA

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Instrument 8

Related studies used the insturment 9

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Instrument (I want about job satisfaction related to quality oflife) Questionnaire on of job satisfaction registered nurses working in government hospitals in Saudi Arabia and the relation with quality of life.

For each variable of interest, give sources of data and details of measurement. Describe comparability of assessment methods if there is more than one group.

Please provide data using this subheading under instrument

-Name of Instrument

  1. Content of Questionnaire
  2. How it administered

3. How it is scored

4. Reliability score

– Append the questionnaire

a. The 5 studies using the instrument expressed in a matrix.

b. Present five (5) related studies that used the same instrument. Use the table matrix below. Include reliability scores (scale and subscale) in each study.

Related Studies that used the instrument

Table 1. Summary of studies that used the __ instrument 1 which I want about job satisfaction related to quality of life___ instrument

Year/author Design Sampling / Setting Instrument Key findings Limitation


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