individual assignment

Assessment 2 (30%): Report on interview:
This is an individual assignment of 2000 words in which you will demonstrate your understanding and application of entrepreneurial and leadership theory. Using the theory studied in the module you will critique and report on the entrepreneurial success and leadership skills of entrepreneurs from interviews that you will analyse. The purpose of this assessment is to apply analytical thinking to your report on the interviews.

The Interview:
You will analyse interviews of entrepreneurs as the basis of your analysis, the interview format may be either written, audio or visual e.g. youtube.

Your report on these interviews should critique the interviews using theory

Examples of theory you could use include:

Leadership Trait Theory
Characteristics of entrepreneurs
The entrepreneurial leader
Leadership style
Creativity and innovation
Antecedent influences
Range of companies/ industries the entrepreneur works in

The Report:
Content will be divided into appropriate chapters with headings and subheadings.
1. Introduction
– Report overview and rationale – purpose/ aims / objectives
– Interview synopsis: Context – Interview source e.g. BBC
– Who is the entrepreneur? Brief background / who interviewed them?/ when? /purpose of interview.
– Brief outline of interviews
– Introduction of the theory that underpins the analysis – leadership and entrepreneurship
2. Academic Themes
– What themes have you identified in the interviews? E.g. Traits and characteristics/ innovation/creativity/ leadership style- why do you think this is?
– Demonstrate your understanding of each academic theme
– How do these themes form the basis for your analysis of the interviews?

3. Analysis
– Using the specific themes you have identified analyse the interviews using the theory discussed in the introduction
– You can use graphics to display information
4. Conclusion
– From the analysis of your interviews what conclusions can you draw? E.g. do they demonstrate key characteristics of an entrepreneur or not? Are they an inventor or purely innovative?
– Draw down from the analysis to develop your arguments in response to your aims and objectives

You can append supplementary and appropriate information about your entrepreneur. Tables and diagrams can also be used within the text and will not count toward the word co