independent consultant

You have been engaged by Focus Logistics Pty Ltd (Focus) as an independent consultant. They are seeking your advice on several corporate governance, sustainability and risk management issues. You have just returned from a board meeting with Jennifer White (company’s founder and the current Chair), Alice Rose-Gardner (CEO), Jacob Gardner (COO) and David Rose (CFO). You have gathered the following information about this company:
Mrs White established Focus Logistics in 1965 in Horsham, Victoria, providing state-wide logistics services to local businesses. The community supported Focus because of Mrs White’s slogan “Go Local’. The company grew steadily for the next 30 years and expanded its operations into VIC, NSW, and TAS.
Mrs White retired from day-to-day operations in 1997 and assumed the role of board’s Chair. Mrs White’s daughter Alice took on the company reins and, since then, has completely transformed the business. Focus now has 19% of the total market share and is Australia’s fifth-largest private logistics company. Focus has grown from 28 customers in 1970 to 650 customers in 1997 to more than 11,500 customers today (including a few ASX listed companies).
Current plans: expansion
Now, Focus needs additional capital to fund its expansion plans. The senior management team has re ared a ve im ressive ros ectus his hli. htin all of Focus’s recent