Implementation of OE/S Process in a Company

Integration and Implementation of OE/S Process in a Company

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BPMN Process Activities
BPMN Diagram
BPMN Integration
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The company has special interest in the electronic products.
Mostly the firm operates as retail, where the customer login in to the company online website, place their order after identifying the available products with each specification.
In addition the company ships the purchased products to the various customer destinations.
The entire process employs the following activities;
a) order activities d) shipping activities
b)Accounting activities
C)clearance activities

BPNM process activities
Ordering Events
Television varieties
placing order
Order approval
New customer profile registration
Creating customer order profile
Finance Activities
Price tag breakdown
Payment done/credit acknowledgement
Updating customer details

confirming ticket barcode
Insert the picked quantity on picking ticket
Complete picking ticket
Updating customer profile
Clearance Activities
Order acknowledgement
Attaching barcode
Parking and Sealing
Attaching dispatch number and sharing with client

Confirming customer agreed place of delivery
Shipping and complete ticket 
Scan barcode on ticket
Accept the shipment
Pack goods with invoices
Signing delivery letter

BPMN is a Business Process Model and Notation used in company process model and analysis.
The BPMN involves simple procedure overview representing a multipart organization process management.

BPMN Integration
BPMN integration refers to the process of employing information technology in the company process such as marketing, production, management among others (Biswas, Muthukkumarasamy, & Tan, 2017).
The call to have information technology is among the key strategies currently embraced by all organization stakeholders because of the touchable advantages.
Some of the advantages include
Effective services
Quality production

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