Impact of Effective Leadership

Proposed Management Research Topic:

The Impact of Effective Leadership on the Performance of an Organization’s Workforce- A Case Study of Nigeria

This Project consists of three chapters, follow the below instructions to finalize the Research Proposal for the above Management Research Topic

  • Chapter 1: Refined Introduction, including research objectives, context, rationale, identified gap in literature, academic and societal relevance (750-1000 words)
  • Chapter 2: Critically revised and extended literature review (1250-1500 words)
  • Chapter 3: Extended and developed research design and methods, including data analysis plan and steps to ensure validity and credibility and ethical considerations (1500-1750 words).

Instructions to prepare and complete each chapter are listed below. Make sure that before submitting your Research Project Proposal, you:

  • Refine your introduction 
  • Expand and refining your Critical Literature Review/theoretical background 
  • Finalize your data analysis and presentation plan
  • Integrate all paragraphs 

Chapter 1: Introduction (750-1000 words)

Chapter 1 should contain the Introduction, including research objectives, context, rationale, and high-level literature references. (Note: This is not the literature review, which is the theoretical background coming later.) 

To complete Chapter 1:

Chapter 1, your research Introduction, should contain specific paragraphs in which you present and explain the rationale for your research. 

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction: introduce the research problem from a practical point of view and describe your research context.
  • Paragraph 2: Research Topic: State your research question(s) with your argumentum from the academic literature, discuss your research objectives.
  • Paragraph 3: Present and include a high-level description of your research environment and the demographics of your research group. 
  • Paragraph 4: Define the academic relevance, as well as the practical relevance of your management research (circle it back into the practical).
  • Remember to write in a coherent way all paragraphs. The paragraphs should fit together and read as a full story. Take your reader by the hand, integrate your paragraphs. Use connective sentences. Write academically.

Chapter 1 of this Project should be approximately 750-1000 words in length.

Chapter 2: Critical Literature Review (1250-1500 words)

To complete Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 includes the Critical Literature Review. In this chapter, you present your theoretical background. Make sure to: 

  • Extend and improve your Critical Literature Review based on feedback from your supervisor.
  • Contextualize your proposed research in the existing literature. Choose the most relevant studies to frame and contextualize your research aims, methodology and theoretical framework. 
  • Discuss the ongoing debates relevant to your research question(s). At the end of this section, you should clearly identify the gap in knowledge and discuss/provide a rationale for how you intend to address this gap in your proposed research.
  • Include propositions or hypothesis (build up from argumentations in your literature). 

Chapter 2 of this project should be approximately 1250-1500 words in length.

Chapter 3: Proposed Research Design and Methods (1500-1750 words). 

In this chapter, you propose your Research Design and Methods sections, including Data Analysis Plan and Steps to Ensure Validity and Reliability, as well as Ethical considerations.

To complete Project Chapter 3:

The Proposed Research Design and Methods chapter should include all the details of your research design including:

  • Research Design: Outline your epistemological stance and justify the design of your choice while referring to the strengths and limitations of your design choice.
  • Operationalization of your conceptual research questions: Describe concepts you use in your propositions or hypotheses. If applicable (in quantitative methods), include the validated scales you are using. Describe the research instrument you are building: 
    • Sampling and recruitment strategy: Data collection, data analysis plans
    • Setting: Description of the geographic setting where research will be conducted (including organizational setting)
    • Population: Description of your targeted population; if applicable, discussion of any issues with vulnerable populations
    • Sample: Outline of your sampling strategy, and description of sampling procedures (e.g. who will collect data and procedures for collecting data) 
  • Ethical consideration: Discuss all ethical considerations, including risks/benefits to participant, consenting issues, sampling, recruitment issues, issues around anonymity/confidentiality/privacy and data storage. Clearly state whether research permission letters and/or local ethics approval are required.
  • Research tools: Describe each of the research tools for data collection (software, if applicable) and analysis you plan to use.
  • Explain how you plan to collect and analyze your data and discuss issues related to the validity of your analysis. 
  • Data analysis methods: Clearly describe data analysis methods. When performing a qualitative study, lay out your data analysis steps, coding, assessing, concluding and reporting. When performing a quantitative study include descriptive statistics (qualitative/quantitative study designs) and inferential statistics (quantitative study designs). Discuss bias and appropriateness of data analysis methods proposed.
  • Validity and Reliability: Explain how you will address these issues to ensure that your data is valid and reliable, and how you will minimize any potential biases in your research design. 

Chapter 3 of this Project should be approximately 1500-1750 words in length.

Your total submission should be approximately 4,000 words in length.

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