IET 2103 Technology Innovation and Integration

Higher Colleges of Technology
Industrial Engineering Technology Program
IET 2103 Technology Innovation and Integration
Out of Class Assignment (5)
Group Report (Identifying Three Products and Recommended RFID Tags)
Within different manufacturing and/or production companies, Real time tracking of different items
involved is essential.
Refer to your group project and provide details about different stages for three products of your choice.
Your explanation should include using the three types of RFID tags:
– Passive Tags,
– Semi-Passive Tags, and
– Active Tags.
Your reports should have:
– Introduction
o Introduce to your Report and type of Business.
– Main Body
o Explain about three different products you are going to consider.
– Application
o Provide details about using RFID in different stages:
 Receiving Raw Material.
 Using Raw Materials in Production.
 Packing and Handling during Manufacturing/Production Process.
 Storage Area.
– Discussion and Conclusions.
– References.
– Appendix

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