Advanced Diploma in Global Business Management
Assignment 1
1. This assignment carries 30% of the total marks for the module.
2. The assessment criteria are:
(a) Substance
(b) Originality of work
(c) Presentation
(d) Use of illustrations / examples, where appropriate
3. Independent research on the relevant topics is encouraged.
4. Special consideration would be given to students who demonstrate an in-depth
analysis of the questions.
5. Any similarities between individual assignments will result in a failing grade.
6. Word count in the assignment should be about 800 words.
7. Pages should be clearly numbered.
8. The format of the assignment should be as follows:
(a) Front cover (i.e. title page), stating the:

Module name and code
Student’s full name and I/C number
Name of lecturer
Submission date
Contents page
Page number beginning from the Content page
References (minimum 3)

9. Retain a photocopy (or soft copy) of your module assignment.
10. Submission date: WEEK 4
Assignment 1
Short essay questions
(800 words)
You work as a client support manager for a business improvement consultancy firm. You
have been asked to help ZeeX Pte Ltd, an IT company who has employed talents from a
diverse background. Staff development and involvement at ZeeX Pte Ltd is poor, due in
part to the limited managerial expertise of its founders. Key staff have left and exit
interviews suggest that this is partly because of the difference in perception and
personality between the two very forceful and smart individuals who founded the
company and have set the current autocratic management style. The loss of staff to other
IT companies with more relaxed cultures and management styles is seen as a threat to the
future success of ZeeX Pte Ltd. Action is required to brief the non-executive directors
and the senior managers to help them understand the impact of perception and
personality, nature of motivation and staff behaviour and identify their role in business
1. Compare and contrast the different renowned IT companies’ leader personality
and perception, explaining how they can impact on the performance of the
business and discuss the implications of these findings for the management of
ZeeX Pte Ltd.
2. Examine how different motivation techniques can influence staff behaviour at
work and discuss how the difference in leadership personality influences staff
3. Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations, discuss
factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork in
(all answers should be written in your own words.
Quote at least 3 References on the last page)

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