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Three-year-old Bai has recently arrived in Australia from China with his family and only knows a few words in English such as ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘food’ and ‘wee wee’. You have observed that Bai is having some difficulties settling into your service. Bai has attended the service for a fortnight and has been observed by staff pushing other children and grabbing their toys.

You observe Bai pushing into a group of children and grabbing a tambourine that another child was playing with. Bai begins to bang the tambourine, smiling. The other child is upset and Bai appears not to notice.

There is one staff member at your service who speaks Chinese, and they have been helpful with some basic translation during Bai’s and his family’s orientation process. Your service has recently reviewed its behaviour guidance policy and updated it so that it is consistent with the NQS requirements and the values of EYLF.

Develop a plan to guide Bai’s behaviour. In your plan, show how you would:

  1. observe and analyse Bai’s behaviour to identify triggers or consequences that are maintaining his behaviour
  2. explain how you might respond to this and other similar incidents in a timely and appropriate manner 
  • develop goals and initiate strategies that support Bai to manage his own behaviour  

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