Human Resources Briefing Report

Human Resources Briefing Report


Provide an overview of King Edward VII College’s human resource requirements for the next three years. This should include the College’s overall human resource strategic direction, objectives and targets.

Emerging trends and practices

Provide a review and analysis of emerging trends and practices that may impact on human resources management in King Edward VII College, and strategies to address these. This should also include a review of any new technology relevant to King Edward VII College and all of its departments and staff and impacts on job roles and design.

Changes to industrial and legal requirements

A review of any recent and potential changes to industrial and legal requirements that will impact on the King Edward VII College workforce.


Provide a review of the number and type of staff that will be needed to meet the company’s strategic direction, skill requirements for new and existing staff, and options for sourcing required staff. Consider and review the range of options for sourcing staff and discuss the costs and benefits of each approach. Include a discussion of at least three options.

Philosophies and values

Discuss the philosophies and values that underpin or should King Edward VII College’s human resources management, as well as the policies and procedures that are required to ensure this. Review the scenario information to identify gaps in existing policies, procedures and systems.

Recommended human resources strategic directions

Recommended human resources strategic directions based on scenario information, research conducted and review of Strategic Plan. As a minimum, the Human Resources Strategic Plan should include three priority areas and objectives and targets.

Technology and systems

Outline the technology and systems required to support the recommended human resource programs and practices documented in the Human Resources Strategic Plan.

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