Human Motivation & Emotion Psychology

Human Motivation & Emotion
Psychology 46-332-01 Fall 2006
Term Assignment 2 – Emotion & Motivation Report
Assignment objectives
This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to examine your own emotional states and
their causes from a theoretical perspective and to analyze the role of these emotions in your
Value: 15%
Due Date: Thurs. Nov. 23 in class. Do not put assignments in my mailbox. If you are not in class
please have a psychology secretary date and time stamp your report (paper or disk) to give to me.
If you do not submit your report in class you must also submit an electronic copy via email in
addition to submitting a date & time stamped copy. The electronic version can be sent after the
hard copy/disc submission. All submissions not handed in during class must be submitted in both
hard copy (paper or disc) and electronic format or they will not be marked.
Format: You may submit your report using one of the two following formats:
1) Written hard copy report: 5-7 pages double spaced, typed, 12 point font, 1” margins, excluding
title page and references. Cite all information sources using APA citation style, 5th edition. You
may write from a first person perspective since this is your behaviour and experience that your
are reporting/discussing.
2) Electronic PowerPoint presentation: Slides containing bulleted or point form information to
address the questions issues listed below. Incorporate images, sound and animation as
appropriate to get your point across. Although there is no limit on the number of slides you use
make sure that you are including the same type and general amount of information as if you
had written a report. Information can however be in the form of images, sounds and effects
and not just text. And in general you should not have too much information on each slide.
Please include a title page and a reference list and cite references just as you would for a hard
copy report (APA style). Electronic papers should be copied to a compact disc and handed in
with complete labeling (name, ID, etc.) on the disc.
Specific guidelines
For this assignment you will identify two emotional states that you have recently experienced – one
positive (joy, interest, etc.) and one negative (anger, fear, sadness, etc.).
For EACH emotion identify one theoretical perspective that best describes your experience and the
“why” or cause of your emotion.
• Briefly describe this theory and then discuss in detail how it relates to your own experience
of the emotion and its “causes”.
• Describe a biological process involved in your particular experience of this emotion.
• Comment on the role of this emotion in your motivation for a particular related goal. How
was motivation related to the experience of this emotion? How was your subsequent
motivation influenced by this emotion?
• Did the experience of this emotional state lead to the experience of other emotions and if so
what were they?
• For example, if your emotion was anger because you were unable to achieve something
you desired, did the experience of anger make you more or less motivated to try harder to
reach your goal?
Please be sure to define all key terms (emotions you are discussing, theories, etc.) and link the
concepts and theories with your own experiences.
Your reports will be assessed according to how well they demonstrate:
• evidence of deep, insightful and analytical thinking about the “why” behind the emotion you
are analyzing and its relation to your levels of motivation.
• points articulated in a clear, straightforward, and understandable way.
• a logical, compelling, and convincing presentation of why the theory that you have chosen is the
best explanation for the cause of your own emotional experience.
• use of a good academic writing style including proper spelling and grammar and the use of formal
For both formats of papers we are looking for demonstration that you understand the concepts
through your application to your own emotional states so be sure to link your examples back to the
theories and concepts – don’t just assume that we know these concepts and discuss them
without defining them – show us that you understand them. Do not simply regurgitate information
from the textbook – doing so will earn you now more than a B grade at best, and in most cases
only a C. Paraphrase, do not directly quote and reference important concepts.

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