How effective you think this strategy might be?

Provide a description, in no more than 500 words, of a specific preparedness, containment OR prevention strategy that has been used as a biosecurity measure. Please post your contribution onto this discussion board before the end of Module 6. Please keep in mind the following points: You may choose an example that was included in the Module text, however an alternative example is preferred. You must include at least two references that have not been included in the Module text. All references should be obtained from a reliable source. Your post should include in-text referencing as well as a reference list at the end. Don’t just describe the strategy as you will also be assessed on your personal observations, insights or conclusions based on what you are describing and how effective you think this strategy might be. Your answer will be marked according to the following criteria: Accurate and up-to-date factual content (6 marks) Reflection and discussion (3 marks) At least 2 reputable references are used (0.5 mark) Contribution is correctly referenced – in-text and reference list (0.5 mark)

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