he program TONE.ASM. Assemble

Download the program TONE.ASM. Assemble, link, and run. Hopefully, you will hear the speaker beep at a 1 KHz rate for a short period. 2. Adjust the INNER and OUTER values until the tone lasts for 5 seconds. How many loops are required? What is the speed of the processor on your system? 3. Readjust the INNER and OUTER values for tone duration of 0.25 seconds. 4. Modify the TONE.ASM program so that the 0.25-second 1 KHz tones plays five times, once each second. Hint: Use DOS INT 21H Function 2CH (Get Time) to read the system clock. Look for the seconds’ value to change. When it does, play the 0.25-second tone, then start watching the system clock again, waiting for the seconds to change again. Do this five times. Table with Wait in the first column, mov, int, mov, mov, int, cmp, and jz in the second column, and ah 2ch, 21h, now dh, ah 2ch, 21h, now dh, and wait in the third column 5. Submit the final ASM file

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