Grow Management Consultants

Grow Management Consultants

Leadership Conference 2020: Leading in the twentieth century

Project charter

Project scope

This project will cover all aspects of the conference, including planning and follow-up. It is restricted to the conference itself, and will not affect, or be accountable for, any other Grow Management Consultants products or services.

Project objectives

The objectives of this project are:

  • To deliver a Conference that includes cutting-edge business management content.
  • Attract new customers to Grow Management Consultants, particularly in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.
  • To deliver the Conference on budget

Project deliverables

This project’s deliverables are:

  • A well-attended Conference
  • A Conference that runs at a profit
  • Make contact with potential new clients in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.
  • An increase in Grow Management Consultants’ brand awareness

Project stakeholders

The project’s stakeholders include the following:

  • Grow Management Consultants staff and management
  • Grow Management Consultants clients
  • All of the invited speakers
  • The venue project manager

Roles and responsibilities

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall coordination of the congress preparation.

The rest of the Project Team is:

  • Donna Chisholm will help with contacting and lining up the speakers.
  • Dan Streep will determine and prepare the venue.
  • Edith Partridge will be responsible for the project’s finances.
  • Erin O’Donnell will be responsible for marketing activities.

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