grow Management Consultants

Grow Management Consultants

Performance report

Create your own charts to display the data.

Under each chart, state which document(s) you have taken the data from so the figures can be checked.

Overall performance

Review of overall performance and gross/net profit margins

Income variations

Calculation of variation in actual versus budgeted amounts for each income source.

Cost variations

Calculation of variation in actual versus budgeted costs.


Identify the discrepancies between agreed budget allocations for the conference and the actual figures.

Recommended revisions

Revisions to the 2019 conference budget.

Conference fee

Proposed conference fee for the 2019 conference assuming attendance of 70 people and to make a profit of at least 20%. Show your working:


Evaluate business trends and variations from these.

Strategic Objectives Evaluation

Evaluate how the business is doing in relation to meeting strategic objectives.

Current business environment

Report on current economic environmental factors and comment on how consideration of these factors may provide diversification opportunities.

Analysis of investment opportunity

Perform capital budgeting calculations to determine the payback period of the investment and the return on investment.

Performance Indicators

Based on the performance review and evaluations along with the business environment considerations, develop new performance indicators for the business.

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