Greenview Food Store

Greenview Food Store developed the following information in recording its bank statement for the month of March 20XX.

Balance per books on March 31   $     829

Balance per bank on March 31     $  7,030

1)    Checks written in March but still outstanding, $5,200.

2)    Checks written in February but still outstanding, $1,200.

3)    Deposits of March 30 and 31 not yet recorded by bank, $3,100.

4)    NSF check of customer returned by bank, $400.

5)    Check #210 for $675 was correctly issued and paid by the bank but incorrectly entered in the cash payments  journal as payment on account for $657, for payment to a creditor.

6)    Bank service charge for March was $31.

7)    A payment on account was incorrectly entered into the cash payments journal and posted to the accounts payable subsidiary ledger for $854 when check #318 was correctly prepared for $584. The check cleared the bank in March.

8)    The bank collected a note receivable for the company for $3,000 plus $80 interest.


a)    Prepare a bank reconciliation for the Greenview Food Store for the month of March 31, 20XX.

b)    Journalize the adjusting entries for Greenview Food Store on March 31, 20XX.


Jenrob Company completed the following selected transactions during January 20XX.

January 1            Established a petty cash fund of $500

15 The cash sales for the day per the register tape were $3,018.

The actual cash received from cash sales were $3,011.

31 Petty cash on hand was $123. Replenished the petty cash fund for the following


Jan  2 Office supplies, $45

10 Postage due on letter, $29 (Miscellaneous Expense)

14 Office supplies, $56.

17 Postage stamps, $42 (Office Supplies).

20 Express charges on merchandise sold, $136 (Delivery Expense).

22 Repair to desk, $63 (Miscellaneous Expense).

30 Office supplies, $12.

31            The cash sales for the day per the register tape were $2,812.

The actual cash received from cash sales were $2,822.

31            Decreased the petty cash fund by $100.

What is the balance in the cash short/over account (DR or CR & $ amount)? Is it a revenue or an expense?

Balance in Cash Short/Over? ______________________________

Revenue or Expense? ____________________________________

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