Grading Rubric


Grading Rubric – BUS2278 Research Essay


Category Scoring Criteria Y/N
Content The essay contains a strong introduction paragraph with an attention-grabbing introduction and lays out the author’s argument and main issues that will be addressed in the essay.


The essay contains a strong conclusion paragraph that properly summarizes the author’s arguments.


The essay references at least three (3) appropriate sources.


The content of the essay indicates an understanding of the labour issue(s).


The content of the essay demonstrates original thinking, which is supported by evidence, including a clearly stated argument in support of or opposed to the legal issue.


Grammar & Sentence Structure The content of the essay contains no, or limited spelling mistakes.


The author uses proper sentence and paragraph structure that is well thought out and assists the reader in following the analysis.


Transitions are clear and the paper has a strong, unified flow.


Formatting The essay follows APA formatting guidelines, including proper referencing in the body of the essay and a reference page.