Grading Criteria for the Essay

Assignment marking criteria tips and notes: Due Date 17th but you can complete any days before 17th, Thank you Tutor.

Greeting Tutor, here are the assignment mark-up criteria requirement and marking list notes, Thank you for your reading:

Format: Essay

Word Count : 1000 words +- 50 words

References: Five (5) minimum

Weekly Lecture References are acceptable ( NO .pdf requirement, References List to appear at the end of essay )

There are five minimum that require for this essay,

Here are references list that I have choose in weekly lecture references (You may choose any references list from the following but only choose for three references lists that I provided for PDF files and other two references you can choose any reference that can related to topic of an essay.

I will send to you a Winzip files including all of weekly PDF files that I have chose and a note for assignment marking criteria tips and notes.

RequirementsUse at least three (3)  different ISYS2423 Weekly Lectures in your essay.

Due Date : 17th of June 2020 @ 12:00 noon (AEST) . Noted: you can complete any days before June 17th 2020.

Outcomes: to test your skills at problem-solving and check how up-to-date you are on current issues

Background: The outbreak of coronavirus named COVID-19 has disrupted the every economy. The evolution of the disease and its economic impact is highly uncertain. The American business academic Clayton M. Christensen (Links to an external site.) used the term (Links to an external site.) “disruption” to discuss the implications of the massive changes to the student base of universities. Whether driven by ambition or circumstance, every life and career gets disrupted, COVID -19 is doing both.

The focus of Assignment 3 is to:

Define disruption as it applies to your life and your career. What is making you think about disruption at this moment? How are changes in your work and/or education affecting you? What will happen if you don’t change?

Grading Criteria for the Essay

The criteria for evaluation of your Individual submission is as follows. Each criterion is rated and then a final score is calculated out of 100 marks. This is then adjusted to reflect the assessment weighting for the task.

Argument  – The paper knows what it wants to say and why it wants to say it. It goes beyond pointing out comparisons to using them to change the reader’s vision. Evidence of good basic understanding; having read about and understood the applicable issue/s, understood the concepts; soundness of assertions, quality and relevance of materials consulted. /30

Organisation  – Every paragraph supports the main argument in a coherent way, and clear transitions point out why each new paragraph follows the previous one .Clarity, relevance, and conciseness of the discussion; how well is the document structured, does it flow logically? introduction and conclusion. Development of coherent theme on an applicable business issue/ opportunity/ problem. Language usage & writing skill, avoidance of trivia. /20

Evidence  – Concrete examples from texts support general points about how those texts work. The paper provides the source and significance of each piece of evidence. Original ideas or formulations. /30

Presentation – Quality of presentation; general layout, use of (sub)headings, formatting, headers/footers, Table of Contents, Glossary (where applicable). The submission is free from spelling, grammatical and typographical errors and is presented in accordance with RMIT’s Referencing Style  (Links to an external site.) e.g. RMIT Harvard for citations and References. Use of appropriate illustrations In short, it generally exhibits a good command of academic prose.

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