Global Marketing and Brand Management

Programme: Executive MBA

Module Code & Name: EMBGMBM – Global Marketing and Brand Management

Title: Lenovo Goes Global

Assignment Tasks:

You are to read the accompanying case study; “Lenovo Goes Global”

You are to undertake research from current company records and other secondary sources that are publicly available to enable you to complete this assignment. Your task is to complete an investigation business report format by specifically addressing the following issues:

  1. Discuss how well Lenovo’s SWOT/PEST analyses match each other.
  2. How intense is the Global PC, Laptop and Smartphone Industry (Porter’s 5-Forces model)
  3. What is Lenovo’s position from a BCG matrix perspective?
  4. What is Lenovo’s position from an Ansoff matrix perspective?
  5. Analyse the extended marketing mix (4Ps of product marketing mix and 3Ps of services marketing mix) of Lenovo.
  6. Make recommendations to overcome any areas of weaknesses.


The word count is 5,000 words (+/- 10%) with indexed headings & subheadings in the following format:

  • A Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Reference Section

# The Harvard Referencing System must be adopted with in-text citations.

Further Instructions for Assignment

  1. The general assessment criteria are: Substance, Originality of work, Presentation, Use of illustrations / examples, where appropriate.
  2. Independent research on the relevant topics is encouraged.
  3. Special consideration would be given to students who demonstrate an in-depth analysis of the questions.
  4. Candidates who simply regurgitate their answers from sources may risk getting a poor mark and may risk failing the paper outright if plagiarism is detected.
  5. Any similarities between individual assignments will result in a fail grade.
  6. The presentation format should be:
    • Top, Bottom margins : 1”
    • Left margins : 25”
    • Right margin : 8”
    • Header & Footer : 5”
    • Printing : Single Page A4 size
    • Vertical spacing : Double
    • Font type & size : Times Roman 12 pt
    • Binding : Comb
    • Page numbering : Page x of y (right justified in footer)
  7. Retain a copy of your assignment.
  8. You are required to submit a labelled soft copy of your assignment.

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