Global and Environmental Health Issues

PUBH6002: Global and Environmental Health Issues Assessment 2: Work health safety assessment 1500 words: In text citation and References must be in APA style Context: Each state in Australia has legislative requirements that govern work health safety. Australian workplaces are obligated to conduct work health safety assessments and provide methods by which safety incidents can be reported. Work health safety has significant implications for public health, but all workplaces are required to put work health safety policies and procedures in place to promote safety in the workplace. Instructions: To prepare for this assignment: • Locate a suitable environment for conducting a work health safety risk assessment. This may be your own workplace, the workplace of a friend or family member, or a home office space. Make sure that you seek permission to conduct an assessment in a professional environment. • Download the work health safety risk assessment template. • Review the resources at the Health and Safety Handbook website, and the steps to undertaking a Work Health and safety assessment here: To complete your work health safety risk assessment: 1. Work through the steps of completing a work safety risk assessment and use the template provided to record any hazards identified, existing controls in place, the relative risk level, and any controls that are needed to further reduce risk. Remember that the purpose is to reduce risk and mitigate the effects of risks where risk is inherently present. 2. In a diverse workplace there may be subpopulations that are more vulnerable to the effects of a safety risk than others. Identify and describe any vulnerable populations, and propose solutions for mitigating risks for these groups.

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