Fronto-parietal EEG coherence in theta

Section 1: Critique Essay Question (70 Marks)- 2000-2500 words

Read the two research papers attached.

Paper 1: Fronto-parietal EEG coherence in theta and upper alpha reflect central executive functions of working memory (2005)

Paper 2: Recognition of emotional prosody and verbal components of spoken language: an fMRI study (2000)

Answer ONE of the following.

  1. Have the neuroimaging technologies associated with these papers, increased our

understanding of higher cortical function? Why?

  1. What are the limitations of these two papers? Do the authors address these

appropriately? Have there been better studies since?

  1. Discuss the implications of these papers furthering cognitive neuroscience.
  2. Have there been developments in these areas of research since the papers were


  1. How could these empirical studies be improved? Have there been more recent

studies which have demonstrated these improvements in methodology?

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