Fraud and Financial Crime Assessment

Fraud and Financial
Candidates must submit to the Examination Office (2nd Floor RLS) a final draft of
their Memorandum of Advice for the Module in Fraud and Financial Crime no
later than 4pm Monday 25th November 2019
The Memorandum of Advice is worth 30 per cent of the total marks available for
the module in Fraud and Financial Crime.
The Memorandum of Advice (including any attachments) should not exceed
3,000 words.
As the Memorandum should be drafted and written in a practical style (with
numbered paragraphs) it is not necessary to include a bibliography. Advice on
the writing of a memorandum is available on the VLE (LLM Programme
Information and Dissertations tab).
Please note that no extension or deferral of this assessment can be authorised
other than in strict accordance with the General Academic Regulations (available
on the VLE) and pursuant to an application on the required form supported by
independent evidence.
This assessment is unsupervised. However, for guidance please refer to the
notes and recordings on the VLE (LLM Programme Information and Dissertations
tab – Assessments).
You are instructed by a leading law firm to prepare a memorandum of advice
addressing the following issues:
1. Is there any legal risk in the civil law where a financial institution
suspicious of a particular transaction by one of its clients reports their
suspicion to the UK authorities? In particular, might there be a risk of
legal liability for the business or individuals responsible for making the
report, for breach of contract, confidentiality, privacy or in tort where
there is an allegation that they have been dishonest or negligent in
forming the suspicion and of handling the matter? AND
2. What legal protections exist for someone who blows the whistle to an
employer in regard to conduct of a fellow employee which appears to be
fraudulent in regard to the employer’s clients?

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