first month of operations

Rivera Roofing Company, owned by Reyna Rivera, began operations in July and completed these transactions during that first month of operations.

July  1Reyna Rivera invested $80,000 cash in the company in exchange for its common stock.
  2The company rented office space and paid $700 cash for the July rent.
  3The company purchased roofing equipment for $5,000 by paying $1,000 cash and agreeing to pay the $4,000 balance in 30 days.
  6The company purchased office supplies for $600 cash.
  8The company completed work for a customer and immediately collected $7,600 cash for the work.
10The company purchased $2,300 of office equipment on credit.
15The company completed work for a customer on credit in the amount of $8,200.
17The company purchased $3,100 of office supplies on credit.
23The company paid $2,300 cash for the office equipment purchased on July 10.
25The company billed a customer $5,000 for work completed; the balance is due in 30 days.
28The company received $8,200 cash for the work completed on July 15.
30The company paid an assistant’s salary of $1,560 cash for this month.
31The company paid $295 cash for this month’s utility bill.
31The company paid $1,800 cash in dividends to the owner (sole shareholder

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